Climate change and agricultural adaptation in Kenya

by Steven Langdon

Analysis of global warming and climate change makes it clear that Africa will be particularly seriously affected by rising temperatures and more volatile rainfall patterns.  Present trends, suggests the most recent 2014 comprehensive review from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,) would result in average African temperature increases higher than the world level and would widen drought and flooding dangers in many parts of the continent.

The pressures on African agriculture,  the sector where most Africans make their living, will be increased by these climate changes.  At the same time, though, African agriculture is showing resilience and capacities for adaptation.

This provides hopeful signs for the African future, despite global warming and more volatile rainfall.  Individual farmers in Kenya outline in the attached set of videos the ways in which they are adapting to climate change in that country.  Note especially the changes in crops and the role of tree-planting.  These are factors that we have noted in our blog for other parts of Africa as well.

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